Are my Eyes Dry?

Dry eyes are common. There are many things that can cause dry eye. Dry eyes can also be caused by eye conditions or medications.

Home remedies and prescriptions can be used to treat mild to moderate dry eyes. Read on to learn more about dry eye conditions.

What is Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes are a condition where the eyes feel dry.

These symptoms could indicate dry eyes. Tears that don’t stay in the eyes can cause dryness.

What Causes Dry eyes?

There are many causes of dry eyes. These are some of the most common causes of dry eyes.

Excessive Screentime

If you spend a lot on digital devices, you’re likely to experience dry eyes. Avoid using technology near bedtime.


Over 50s are more likely to develop this condition. To prevent vision loss, it is important to have your eyes examined every 2 years.


Side effects of some medications can cause dry eyes. Some medications can cause dry eyes.

Eye Condition

Blepharitis can cause eye dryness. It is important to seek immediate treatment. If you do not take action, eye dryness and other symptoms can only get worse.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses worn for too long can cause dry eyes. This is important to keep your eyes comfortable and hydrated.

How can I prevent dry eyes?

There are steps you can take to relieve the discomfort caused by eye dryness. If your dryness persists, you should visit your local optic clinic immediately.

  • Use eye drops
  • Use lubricating creams for your eyes at night, without the use of contact lenses.
  • You can temporarily switch from contacts to glasses
  • Clean your eyelids and keep your lashes tidy
  • Regular breaks from your digital screens
  • More often blink
  • Discuss any medications that could be causing dryness and with your doctor.
  • Eat a varied healthy diet

Your diet can improve your overall health. Your diet can improve your overall health.

If you’ve tried everything and failed, talk to your optician.

Eye ointments for severely dry eyes are a great choice. These ointments can blur your vision and should only be used at night after you have removed your contacts.

Although digital screens may temporarily cause dryness and eye strain, they will not disappear over time. You can speed up myopia by doing ‘close work’.

Are My Eyes Dry?

Ask your optician any questions you may have about your eyes. If you’re not sure if your eyes are dry or normal, you can ask them. They specialize in designer sunglasses, prescription glasses, and contact lenses.