Dahua NKB 1000 Not Showing In Config Tool

Dahua NKB 1000 Not Showing In Config Tool
The Dahua Technology Dahua Network Control Keyboard allows you to control network devices. This keyboard can be used to control PTZ dome cameras and DVRs as well as network video servers.

Navigate easily using the joystick or keyboard buttons Preset positions, auto scan, and auto pan, as well as pattern control, make camera control easy. The monochrome LCD screen provides a menu to connect devices. The USB port supports SmartPSS.

Dahua NKB1000 not showing in the Config Tool Features

  • Manage high-speed dome systems, DVRs and network video servers
  • Joystick Control in 3 Dimensions for PTZ Functions
  • Pattern Control, Preset Place, Auto Scan Auto Pan, and Auto Tour
  • On-screen Menu
  • Assists SmartPSS via USB connection

Dahua NKB1000 not showing in the Configuration Tool

The configuration tool does not show my Dahua Nkb1000. I tried to access the settings page and reset it but no luck. What can I do? There are a few things you can do if you have trouble setting up your Dahua Nkb1000.

If you have the latest firmware installed, you don’t need to do a factory reset. You can reset your device if you haven’t installed the latest firmware by going to the settings page and clicking on “Reset Device.”

If this doesn’t resolve the problem, you might need to reconfigure your network settings. To reconfigure your network settings, go to the settings page. Select “Wireless Network” under the “Network Type” menu. Choose “Dahua NKB1000” under “Wireless Network Type”

How do I set up NKB1000 over the network?

1. The NKB1000 can be connected to a power and network cable. The screen should look like the image below after it has been booted.

2. Click the Setup button to activate the NKB1000

Enter the password for your NKB1000 and hit the Enter key.

4. Use the joystick to navigate to “Menu Settings”, then press “Enter”.

5. Select “Zone” then click “Enter”.

6. Type the following:

  • ID: (Any Number)
  • Name: (Any Number)
  • These are the types: SD(PTZ), DVR or NVR.
  • Link to Net
  • IP Address: This is the local IP address for your SD card, NVR or DVR.
  • Port: 37777
  • Step: (Leave as defaults)
  • Rule: DH-2
  • User: admin (or your NVR’s user name).
  • Password: admin (or your password for the NVR).

7. You will see the message “Successful” when you press “Enter”.

8. To open the Main Menu, press “ESC”.

Click on “Zone Control” to activate it.

Enter the ID that you have previously created and hit “Enter”.

11. A dialog box called “Connecting” will be displayed. Your screen should look like the image below when it is done.

12. Camera, “Press”

13. Use the number pad on the NKB1000 to input the channel you wish.

14. Enter followed by “PTZ”.

Your NKB1000 display should look like the image below if it is successful. You can now control your PTZ using the NKB1000.