Hot Desking Software allows you to maximize space utilization

It is not easy to spend money on the acquisition of the perfect office space for your organization. It takes a significant investment to purchase and maintain office space. Each company and business must assess its needs before purchasing commercial real property.

It doesn’t matter what niche your business is in. It doesn’t matter what niche your business is in. What matters most is the experience you provide to your visitors and employees. Space management is a key component in ensuring that office space is managed effectively. Space utilization refers to a method where pre-occupied space can be measured in terms of utility, occupancy, and output data.

This allows you to estimate the building’s scope. This is important to remember when planning a room or workstation. Hot Desking software has been a lifesaver for many organizations.

The New Outlook of the Office Post-Pandemic

In order to manage and structuring traditional office spaces in the pre-pandemic period, it required significant capital. A new setup was required for every increase in demand, or person who joined the workforce. This proved difficult for small businesses and organizations.

The advent of COVID-19 saw offices all over the globe close for nearly a year. In mid-2021, offices reopened. This was done in a hybrid model where 40-50% of office space remains unused. The organization can use this space for various purposes, including meeting rooms, common areas, and kitchen areas. It also proved to be cost-saving.

Modernized workplace solutions proved to be very useful during the transition from the pandemic era into the post-pandemic era. We have the best hotdesking software, coworking spaces, and many other products. Before we get into the details of how Hot Desking has transformed the lives of companies and organizations, let’s first look at the importance of space management.

Hot Desking software, such as Veris has revolutionized the way traditional offices work. The seamless, QR-based desk booking system has proven to be a boon for employees as well as the organization.


Safer and more healthy workplaces: Many organizations were given the task of adapting their existing facilities to meet social distancing requirements. Organizations can create more efficient cleaning schedules by performing a space utilization analysis based on their frequency of use.

Cost-Effectiveness Companies around the world have used space management analyses to reduce waste and increase efficiency. By making use of unused space, an organization can improve its facility management capabilities. This is a great way to save money for your company.

Better experience for visitors and employees: According to a 2018 survey, about 85% of employees are unhappy with their workplace. An organization can address the needs of employees and visitors by analyzing how space is used. This will allow them to improve the experience for everyone who visits their office.

How does Hot Desking Software help maximize space utilization?

Today’s employees have the best power: the ability to choose to work in the office or at home. Future employees will have the freedom to choose where they work. Hot-Desking gives employees the opportunity to work from home and in a more productive environment.

A hot-desking software allows employees in an organization to book their desks on a first-come-first-serve basis. Hot desking will be the future of workplaces. The hybrid work model is in fashion, but not all employees want to work from home. With a smaller workforce, there is a lot of wasted space.

Desk booking software is now a key component in managing this space.

What does this software do?

The employees are the major occupants of an office. The management can better manage office space by knowing how many people are coming to work each day. This allows them to track the occupancy capacity and manage overall office space.

This is best done by getting a Hot Desking Software that does not serve one purpose but supports the entire organization. Similar to Veris Desks.

You can book desks using the mobile app, from any location. You can access the app to check for seat availability on 3D interactive maps. To find colleagues at work, users can use the Find My Colleague feature. They can then check if there are seats available and join them. Veris also offers a Rostering function that allows admins to reserve certain areas for specific teams, allowing for an organized office.

Veris’ desk booking software has made it easy to be agile. It allows facility administrators to optimize space usage and manage desk sharing. Other features were also included in our software:

  • Avoid ghost bookings: Integrate Desk QR code Check-In and Access Control to capture occupancy and desk usage.
  • Advanced Analytics Provide a better employee experience by analyzing real estate and employee usage in real time.
  • Smart Desk Booking Rules: Create custom desk booking rules. You can decide where you want to place your seating based on the function of your desk or limit it for safety reasons.

Veris Desks allow employees to adapt to a flexible environment. It is also helpful for organizations as it configures the needs of customers while keeping the organization’s structure in mind.

This improves productivity and user experience for the workplace of the future. Managers can use Veris desk booking software to motivate their employees. With every feature that we offer, we are committed to providing a customer-centric service.