How Many Times can you get Microneedling?

Microneedling is a great way to improve the texture and tone of your skin.

This can be achieved by micro-needling which is non-invasive and doesn’t require downtime.

The Allure Enhancement Center in Lafayette, LA experts will help you decide how often to have this treatment.

How Many Times Can You Get Microneedling?

You will need micro needling treatments approximately every two weeks depending on your skin’s age, healing rate, and cosmetic concerns.

Many people find that micro needling treatments are beneficial every four to six weeks. You will need to schedule maintenance sessions to ensure continuous results.

Once we have a better understanding of your health and cosmetic concerns, we can help you decide how often you should schedule treatment sessions.

These are some of the benefits that you can expect from this treatment.

This treatment offers many incredible benefits to your skin.

Texture and Skin Tone Improvement

This non-invasive treatment can improve your skin’s complexion. It can be used to treat rosacea, as well as other conditions that may cause hyperpigmentation or redness.

After just one treatment, it will smoothen any bumps.

Wrinkle Reversal

This is a common treatment to reduce wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. In mild cases, these signs of aging can often be reversed with just one session.

It is recommended to attend multiple sessions if you have moderate or severe symptoms.

Skin Brightening

Microneedling is a great way for dull skin to be brightened up because it stimulates collagen production. This is also called collagen induction therapy.

After just one session, your skin will be noticeably brighter.

Sun Damage and Acne scarring Treatment

Because they don’t penetrate deep enough, creams and serums claiming to reverse sun damage aren’t very effective.

Collagen induction therapy can be used to reverse sun damage, such as sun spots. It can also be used to reduce scarring from acne.

Collagen Production Promotion

As mentioned, collagen induction therapy encourages the production of collagen at a faster rate.

Collagen is a vital protein that improves skin elasticity and gives you a younger appearance. Your skin will look plumper and firmer after a collagen induction therapy session. This takes only a few weeks.

Skin Youthening

As it has been proven, this treatment can reverse many signs and symptoms of skin ageing.

Even if you don’t have any wrinkles or lines, your skin will look firmer and plumper. Your skin will look healthier and younger.

Pore Shrinking

There are many reasons for large pores. No matter the cause, collagen induction therapy can shrink them.

This will make your skin look better and make anti-acne creams more effective.

How Collagen Induction Therapy Works

To induce collagen induction therapy, very small, sharp needles are used to penetrate the dermis. This allows the skin heal faster and stimulates collagen production.

The formation of visible skin surfaces will be promoted by new, healthy skin cells. This therapy improves circulation which results in healthier skin.

After your treatment, your skin will look plumper and firmer. It is recommended that your skin heals itself. The tiny needles of the dermal roller penetrate deeply into your skin.

Collagen induction therapy is better than creams or serums because it addresses the root cause of the problem. The skin’s surface will appear better if the root cause (minimal collagen production) is addressed.

These are the most frequently asked questions about this therapy.

Is this a good treatment?

It’s non-invasive and it doesn’t hurt. Our aesthetic specialists will ensure your comfort throughout the therapy session.

Is this Treatment Safe?

Most people are safe with this treatment. It has been proven safe in numerous clinical trials.

Microneedling was approved by the FDA to treat abdominal scarring (like surgical scars) as well as facial problems for people over 22.

Before we recommend treatment, we will review your medical history and evaluate your current health.

Does this Treatment Cause Long-Term Skin Damage?

The treatment will not cause skin damage. To ensure safety and effectiveness, our certified collagen induction technicians will position the dermal roller at 45 degrees across the treatment area.

Within a few weeks, your skin will be able to repair itself and resolve cosmetic problems.

When will I see my results?

You will start to see results within days. For some cases, such as pore reduction, results will be visible immediately. The effects may not be apparent for several weeks.

Although your skin will start to produce more collagen immediately after it begins, the results may take time to manifest.

The rate at which you see results will depend on your age and the severity of any cosmetic issues.

What’s the Life Expectancy of My Treatment Results?

Some treatments can be permanent. For example, if you have scarring you don’t need to come back for maintenance.

If you want to remove lines and wrinkles, you may need to come in once a year.

You won’t need another treatment for loose skin for more than half a year. You will start to see the new collagen age eventually.

Your body also produces less collagen as you get older. As you age, your body may need more treatments.

Why can’t I just do this treatment myself?

An online retailer can sell an at-home dermal rollerator. This is not recommended. This could cause skin damage or injury to yourself.

Our certified collagen induction technicians are skilled at performing this treatment without causing any pain or skin damage.

Even if you have numbed your skin before treatment, microneedling won’t allow you to enjoy the full benefits. FDA has not approved at home dermal rollers as safe and effective for their safety and effectiveness.

Because the needles are thinner and more effective, the results you can expect will be minimal.

Can Men Benefit From This Treatment?

Many people believe professional skincare treatments are only for women. However, collagen induction therapy is also beneficial for men. This therapy is safe for all skin types.

How do I prepare for treatment?

Preparation is not necessary for most cases. We will discuss with you whether you need to make any adjustments in your daily life to prepare for your initial assessment.

Sunburns can be avoided by ensuring that your skin is adequately protected from the sun. Sunscreen should be applied whenever you’re outside.

Exposure to UV light without protection can lead to premature skin aging and increase the risk of developing certain medical conditions, such as melanoma.

Who is a good candidate for this treatment?

If you are over 22 years old, there is a good chance you will be approved for this treatment. This is not for everyone.

Collagen induction therapy is safe and effective for all skin types.

Some medical conditions might prevent you from receiving this treatment. This treatment should not be used if you have sickle cell or hemophilia.

What should I do after my session to care for my skin?

For 48 hours, it is best not to engage in vigorous exercise or any other activity that could cause excessive sweating.

Avoid taking a hot shower and opt for a warm bath instead. For the first few days following treatment, we recommend you rest on your back and wear sufficient sun protection.

What skills do I need to perform this treatment?

After your therapy session, there is no downtime. This therapy is non-invasive and does not require general or IV sedation. You can drive to your appointment.

Other obligations may be required, but they shouldn’t cause excessive sweating.

How long does it take to schedule an appointment?

Sessions last for only half an hour. Collagen induction therapy is more comfortable and convenient than other options for similar results.

What happens if my skin is dry after the treatment?

The treatment will not dry out your skin. As your skin heals, it will retain more moisture. You will see a plumper, healthier skin if you continue to hydrate your skin after the session.

Is this treatment really effective?

Yes. This treatment has been proven effective in clinical trials.

If it didn’t work, FDA approval would have been denied. If you aren’t sure if this is the right option for you, you can ask for before-and-after photos at your first consultation.

Can This Be Done With Other Aesthetic Services As Well?

Absolutely! Yes! Yes! Collagen induction therapy offers many cosmetic and anti-aging advantages.

But, just increasing collagen production will not solve all cosmetic problems. Sometimes, wrinkles are caused by muscle hyperactivity rather than volume loss.

For dynamic wrinkles, a neuromodulator treatment may be necessary. During your initial consultation, we will discuss whether Jeuveau, Xeomin or Dysport are the best options for you.