How To Not Let Social Media Rule Over You

We cannot stomach people who claim that they have nothing to do but peruse their Instagram accounts, no matter how narrow-minded or narrow-minded. This claim is almost as false as the “facts” they read in an Instagram “factual post” or their claims to have more than 1,000 Facebook friends.

Yes, artists can now showcase their talents on social media. In fact, social media still helps in organizing uprisings against oppressive regimes. Only a small percentage of social media users actually benefit from it.

Many people use social media only to scroll through their news feeds, or worse, to read the daily updates from people they don’t care about, or communicate with occasionally. Social media is used by 4 billion people (or 50%) of the world’s population. That’s just the beginning.

Are you aware of how much time users spend on social media each day? It’s between 2:30 and 3 hours. After subtracting the eight hours you need to sleep, the nine that you need to work, and the two for getting ready and going to work, you only have five hours.

This means that people use social media for approximately half of their leisure time. These facts are also commonly acknowledged by customer service representatives of internet service providers such as Xfinity customer support.

If you are one of those people who allow social media to take over your life, we’ll show you how you can still do many activities without it.

Exercises for Physical Fitness

If you are thinking about how you will look different from a friend who has just received 1,000 Instagram likes, you should stop what you are doing and get out of your comfort zone. If there’s no one around, you can use social media to build a network of people to play with.

Sports have many more benefits than just sitting in front of the TV reading news articles. You might feel happier and more stable because of the link between your mental and physical health. This will not only improve your personal relationships and all other aspects of your life but also your professional relationships.

Board Games

Ask an older person if they were born in this century how much they enjoy playing board games. You’re likely to hear “a lot” as their answer. Get your friends together and play board games. If you don’t have enough friends, just play with them at home. They would love to relive the days before social media when everyone was so absorbed in these activities.

Seniors love these games because they allow them to interact with real people for extended periods of time. There are tons of scientific evidence supporting the notion that face-to-face contact is good for your mental well-being. Playing board games could have the same mental health benefits as playing in competitive athletics, which is discussed in the previous paragraph.

Card Games

Card games can also be a way to interact with people face-to-face. You will be happier if you play them with your family and friends than scrolling through social media. Because they take less time than traditional board games, card games are easier to incorporate into your daily life.


The best action was reserved for the last. This is why books are so amazing. They give you a different perspective and help you to deal with difficult situations. They also help you improve your reading skills.

We all know that reading is an extremely valuable skill. Consider all the corporations that are willing to pay you a substantial amount of money if your articles are published online to help you learn more about a particular topic.


This article should have made it obvious that social media is not the best use of your time.