How to start a successful business in Dubai in a few months without a million dollars

How to start a successful business in Dubai in a few months without a million dollars

According to the survey results, Dubai was ranked first for the amount of investment attracted.

The largest capital injections were received by the services sector, which accounted for 28% of total investment. The residential construction sector follows with 15% and the power sector with 10%.

The service sector is also growing because of the increasing number of tourists and business. This is why this sector is so popular.

This is particularly true for high-end coffee shops which are one of the most lucrative niches in the food & beverage sector.

Ivan Kroshnyi is an investor and co-owner at Roasters Specialty Coffee House. He shares his secrets to opening a Dubai cafeteria and the secret to its success.

Top 3 Tips To open a Dubai Cafeteria and make it Successful

Roasters Specialty Coffee House was the first project I started in the food and beverage sector. Although a group of 18 companies that I co-own included the company at the time, I decided to try this project.

My partner Konstantyn Harbuz took only five days to reach an agreement on my participation in the high-end coffeehouse startup.

It took me just five days to learn about the startup and then for us to close the deal. My first tip to anyone who wants to open a Dubai business is to learn how faster decisions can be made.

Dubai is a fast-paced, highly mobile city. People don’t take too much time before closing the deal.

The second piece of advice for those looking to open a Dubai cafeteria is this: To make your coffee shop popular and generate solid revenue, you must surprise your customers.

You have two options: either buy our franchise, which already has a unique design and concept, or create your own.

Roasters Specialty Coffee House’s signature features cannot be explained in a few words.

These are:

  • Amazing locations located in the heart of Dubai, with a view overlooking Dubai.
  • Some of our coffee shops offer only Elite coffee varieties.
  • We can roast coffee in-house, which allows us to maintain the product’s quality while increasing the margin.
  • Baristas are professionals who have been trained by the best in the coffee industry.
  • The overall vibe and interior design. The coffee houses are a place where people feel comfortable. Our coffee houses are set up so that guests can have enough space and conversation privacy.
  • This isn’t your typical coffee shop. It offers delicious coffee, beautiful interiors and stunning views. This is a place to unwind, meet new people, and build relationships.

Our company is a member the Specialty Coffee Association, an organization that brings together experts in coffee from all over the globe.

This third piece of advice to those who plan to open a cafeteria or coffee shop in Dubai boils down into this: join this organization to access critical research data related to coffee and the market.

This will allow you to monitor trends and respond quickly to changes.

The Success Story

The fourth piece of advice is to feel the market and follow the waves. My partner and I created a network high-end coffee shops within a little over a year.

Our first coffee shop was opened in October 2021 as part of the Roasters Specialty Coffee House chain. It is a 3-storey villa in the heart of the city.

It can accommodate 130 people and features a VIP area.The coffee house placed a strong emphasis on the quality of its coffee, including the atmosphere and the selection of coffee varieties.

Two companies import Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee to the UAE, and we are one. The Guatemala Geisha Freddy Morales Farm microlot of Guatemala Geisha coffee is a real attention-grabbing product.

It was awarded the Guatemala Cup of Excellence. We are the only Middle East-based coffee house to have purchased this variety. It will be difficult to find it in other countries.

This microlot contained only 150 kilograms. The popularity of the coffee shop quickly grew. You can search it online and read customer reviews.

In March 2022, we opened another coffee house at Dubai Mall, the largest shopping center in the world. We launched NFT Gallery & Specialty Coffee in July 2022.

This was the first ever concept like it in the Middle East, with a strong focus on the blockchain community.

We realized that the market was already hot and there was a growing demand for premium coffee shops. We decided to expand our network by selling franchises in Dubai.

Rasers Specialty Coffee House franchise is key to Popularity

We offer a turnkey option for franchisees and have received many requests from people who want to open a Dubai cafeteria.

In one of the most prestigious areas of New York City, the first and fourth franchise cafes will open. We have also decided the location of the fifth and sixth coffee shops.

The fifth piece of advice for those looking to open a franchise in Dubai is to always look at what franchisors have to offer.

Here are the offerings of Roasters Specialty Coffee House:

  • Assist with the organization of your project, such as selecting a location, interior design, menus and staff training, concept development, interior designing, and interior design.
  • We are also involved in the project’s launch. We can ensure that the franchise cafe maintains the highest standards. Franchisees can also optimize emotional costs and the time spent during launch.
  • Franchisees are supported and assisted at all stages of the franchise process. Our 20-member operational team helps to guide and train franchisees, as well as figure out all aspects of the business.
  • The company also provides a brand guide that explains every aspect of the business, from the interior to how guests are treated and working with staff. Franchisees can get started much faster with this guide.
  • Our franchisees can also become SCA members.

My partner and I opened new coffee shops while we did market surveys and analyzed the attendance rate and guest requests. This allows us to quickly adjust the business to meet our customers’ needs.

The sixth piece of advice ? To never stop learning. Regular market and target audience screenings are important if you plan to open a business in Dubai. The franchisor can provide assistance to those who buy a Dubai franchise.

You can apply to become a Specialty Coffee House franchisee if you’re interested in opening a franchise in the UAE.

It is only the beginning of our expansion into international and domestic markets. Feel free to send your requests and inquiries at

The final seventh piece of advice for those who want to open a business in Dubai, is to not put off this decision. Don’t delay if you have the funds and the desire to move.

This region is rapidly developing. Each year, the number of business licenses issued increases by 3-5%.

Your chances of being outdone by your competition to fill your niche will increase if you wait too long. If you want to make it big and make it money, you must act boldly but with a sense of purpose.