HVAC Maintenance: 7 Mistakes You Must Avoid

HVAC Maintenance: 7 Mistakes You Must Avoid

Despite the fact that these numbers may seem surprising, the average American household spends more than $104 per month on electrical energy. The most significant factor in monthly electrical expenses is the cost of cooling and heating systems.

They are essential to ensure adequate thermal comfort. They cannot be eliminated completely, but there are ways to make sure your heating and cooling systems work at maximum efficiency and consume as little electricity as you can.

Regular maintenance throughout the year will improve your HVAC system’s efficiency and help reduce energy consumption.

Maintenance is essential for extending the life of your HVAC system. Many homeowners make serious mistakes in following maintenance procedures.

This article will address common HVAC maintenance errors and how you can avoid them. Hurliman Heat is a leading HVAC company in Washington!

HVAC Maintenance: 7 Mistakes to Avoid

1. Failure to follow the preventive maintenance program

Preventive maintenance is essential for extending the life of your cooling and heating systems. Your HVAC system will lose a few years if you don’t do preventive maintenance. Although repairing your HVAC system may be possible, it is expensive and will not solve the problem.

Your safety and that of your family can be put at risk by faulty cooling and heating systems. The heating system may stop working suddenly on a cold day or the cooling system could fail on a hot summer day .

Until a professional arrives, you will have to remain in discomfort. You can avoid such serious emergencies by scheduling preventive maintenance.

To avoid costly and uncomfortable complications, schedule maintenance or checkups twice a year, at least in spring and autumn. Experts will inspect the HVAC system to ensure it is in good condition.

2. Soiled filters Should not be Replaced

HVAC Maintenance: 7 Mistakes You Must Avoid
HVAC Maintenance: 7 Mistakes You Must Avoid

Your HVAC system works by bringing in air from the outside environment, cooling it, and then dispersing it throughout your home. This allows for fresh, oxygen-rich air to be continuously circulated in your home’s interior.

But, outside air can contain allergens, pollutant, and other debris that could be introduced indoors. Modern HVAC systems have a variety of filters that eliminate these contaminants. Your heating and air conditioning systems are used more frequently, so more contaminants can build up on their filters.

Every three months, filters should be checked and changed. Filters that are dirty will not only affect indoor air quality, but can also cause your air conditioner to work harder to maintain a certain temperature.

It is important to replace old filters with newer ones in order to maintain your cooling and heating systems’ efficiency for many years.

3. Use an Acidic cleaner to clean the Coils

A common mistake in HVAC maintenance is to use an acidic cleaner on the coils of outdoor units. These coils are magnets for maximum dirt and contaminants, and need to be cleaned thoroughly. They are not made with materials that can withstand strong chemicals and acids, regardless how potent.

For cleaning the coils, a low-pressure water stream is sufficient. Use a hose to spray water on the coils and scrub them gently with a brush. To remove dirt and dust from the coils, a gentle scrub will suffice.

The debris will eventually fall off after a gentle brushing and scrub. You will have clean coils that are ready to go for the future.

4. Paying no Attention to unusual Noises

Every heating and cooling system will produce some noise. Living with the system for a while will make you more aware of abnormal and normal sounds. They are easy to distinguish.

These strange sounds should not be ignored. These strange sounds are a sign that your HVAC system needs immediate professional attention.

You can cause more serious damage if you ignore early warning signs of malfunctioning. It could even completely fail during peak season, in worse cases. Don’t delay calling an expert. Make an appointment as soon as possible.

5. Only use a Vacuum to clean your Vents

Dust and debris can build up in your heating and cooling system (HVAC). Dust accumulation in your air vents can happen even if you replace them regularly and thoroughly.

To remove dirt from the surface, it is recommended that you vacuum regularly. But, this only removes a small amount of the accumulated dirt. You are inviting allergens and contaminated indoor air into your home, and also placing excessive strain on your cooling and heating systems.

6. What is the best way clean your air Ducts and Vents?

A thorough and proper cleaning of an air duct requires disassembling the whole system and vacuuming the ducts. Then, reassemble them after the cleanup. This can be a daunting task. We recommend that you hire a local HVAC professional to perform a professional cleaning.

7. You should not choose a Maintenance Technician solely on Price

HVAC Maintenance: 7 Mistakes You Must Avoid
HVAC Maintenance: 7 Mistakes You Must Avoid

Your heating and cooling systems will eventually need professional maintenance and repair. It is always a good idea to compare prices from different vendors. However, choosing an HVAC contractor solely on price may not be a wise investment.

Pricing is determined by the quality of the services provided and the level of their skills. Low-quality services can be caused by choosing an HVAC technician who charges the lowest price.

Hire an expert with relevant industry experience and a guarantee for their work. Although you might have to pay a little more, you will get better service and won’t be spending your money on fixing the same problem repeatedly.


These mistakes can help you save your HVAC system from possible damage, increase efficiency, and prolong its life expectancy. Get in touch with an HVAC professional today to schedule maintenance.