LASIT: Manufacturer of Laser Marking Machines

LASIT: Manufacturer of Laser Marking Machines

LASIT manufactures laser marking machines. Laser marking machines are a major part of LASIT’s business. LASIT was the first to create a Laser Marking Machine in Italy. The company has produced more than 50 machines since then. LASIT now has more than 200 laser marking machine, of which 30 are currently in operation in different countries.

These are some of the results that LASIT’s laser-marking machines have produced: The company also began focusing on an entirely new type of manufacturing process, called Aerospace Quality.

The new manufacturing process makes it possible to make components such as brake cylinders or engine assemblies without the use of any physical equipment and with very little non-ferrous material.

This manufacturing technology, according to the company, will allow them to produce high quality components at extremely high speeds (up to 10 m/s), without any restrictions on radiation or hazardous materials. This is supported by the fact all of these parts were created with military purpose in mind.

The company announced in November 2013 that 10 laser-marking machines were ready for production. A manufacturer began to produce 100 laser-marking machines per month (a 7% increase).

The company developed a new machine architecture and stable production-based financial models in order to reach this goal. Four of the laser marking machines will be built in Budapest in 2014. Other machines will be constructed at LASIT’s New Jersey factory.

The Los Angeles Assembly Plant announced in June 2014 its next contract. It awarded 14 laser marking machine designations to 12 companies each with 10 machines. This contract is just one of many awarded by LASIT in the past three years.

The company will use its contract rates to pay subcontractors a premium for local manufacturing work done by contractors located in other countries or states than Europe or South America.

Parts made in home-grown factories are also less expensive than parts manufactured elsewhere, as they only use products from their own state.

This decision was reached after comparing the cost and requirements of construction to the natural cycle that European assembly plants use.  These plants are often subject to repetitive work and lack the day-to-day processes that could make them financially viable.

April 19, 2015 saw the announcement that LASIT had won its first contract to sell 3D printing services through closed auction (OTC marketing). Each machine will have a 100-ton capacity and 10 laser marking devices.

This machine has a big advantage:

Each machine will have six people, and a management board consisting of five people. All machines will be capitalized in early 2018 for cash flow of $3 million.

There is also an option to buy equipment from the company for $1 million more in 2018. After the production and assembly these two machines, the company expects to also benefit from this contract.

The U.S. Department of Defense granted the company a license and they are currently using the Laser Marking machine to target acquisition and airborne doctrines creation, as well other military system test applications (e.g. radar seeker guidance).

This machine has a major advantage

It can be used continuously on multiple manufacturing lines and does not require any special maintenance such as stopping production during certain stages or technical reasons (such as fuel problems).

This plant will soon have more than 100 laser-marking machines. Its factory is located in Bakersfield California.