What is Body Contouring?

Are you looking to lose stubborn fat? The best way to lose weight is to body contour. There are many ways to achieve your goals. Vanquish ME is offered by Allure Enhancement Centre, Lafayette, LA.

What’s Body Contouring?

Body Contouring, also known as body shaping or fat reduction, is a procedure to shape the body and improve aesthetics. While most treatments can be performed non-surgically for the majority of cases, there are some patients who may choose to have liposuction and a tummy tuck.

Allure Enhancement Centre is a non-invasive, nonsurgical treatment that has minimal risk and quick recovery. Non-surgical body shaping involves heating fat and then removing it with sources of energy such as radiofrequency, lasers, or electromagnetic waves. There are no incisions.

Vanquish ME Body Contouring

Vanquish ME is a body contouring procedure that uses radiofrequency energy. It works by melting unwanted fat. Vanquish ME is a treatment that can help patients with stubborn fat who have failed to lose weight by diet and exercise. Vanquish ME can be used by patients with a greater than 30 BMI. This makes it a unique body-sculpting therapy. Vanquish ME harness is more versatile than handheld treatments and can treat larger areas. It won’t touch your skin.

Vanquish ME is able to treat many areas simultaneously. The harness’s main focus is on the patient’s waist. The harness can be used to treat the lower back and bra straps as well as the abdomen, flanks, thighs, and flanks. The harness can be used to reduce treatment time for patients who want to treat large areas of the body.

What results can I expect?

Vanquish ME is able to help you get body contouring and fat reductions of up to 59%. You can reduce your waistline by 2 to 4 inches. Patients will be able to wear more comfortable clothes and less bulky clothing. Patients will feel more confident in their self-image and self-esteem. Patients can improve their self-image and confidence by adopting healthy lifestyles.

What happens to the fat that has been destroyed?

Vanquish ME’s radiofrequency technology destroys fat cells and stops them from regenerating. The body will remove the damaged fat cells after a session. The fat cells that have been eliminated naturally go to the lymphatic system. This should not cause any impairment in a patient’s life.

Am I the Ideal Candidate to this Job?

Vanquish ME is an excellent way to eliminate fat around the midsection. All skin types and ages can benefit from fat elimination. Vanquish ME is a great option for patients who have lost weight but have large amounts of fat. Patients who have a busy schedule can receive treatment during their lunch break. Patients can return to work immediately after treatment. Patients who aren’t willing to have surgery or liposuction can opt for non-surgical body shaping.

Is Vanquish ME a Good Liposuction Alternative?

Liposuction can be used to effectively remove large amounts fat from different areas of your body. Vanquish ME is able to effectively eliminate large amounts of fat from your body in a short time. Patients who are undergoing liposuction need to have an invasive procedure. They will also need overnight care. Vanquish ME offers non-surgical body sculpting. Patients who have a BMI over 30 can still benefit. Vanquish ME can be used for patients who have had liposuction.

How does Vanquish ME compare to other Body Contouring Options like


CoolSculpting is a way to reduce fat by as much as 25% using a handheld device. The procedure can be done in just 35 minutes. However, it may take longer depending upon the area being treated. Vanquish ME can treat multiple locations at once and can remove as much as 59% of fat.

Although CoolSculpting can usually be completed in just one or two sessions, the final results may take as long as six months. Vanquish ME can be done in four sessions. Patients achieve their goals in two weeks. Some patients may not be able to have CoolSculpting because of their cold sensitivity.


EMSCULPT uses a harness to stimulate muscle contractions. The device is attached to the abdomen. The device can trigger up to 20,000 muscle contractions in just 30 minutes. Patients get the same results in 30 minutes as hours of crunches.

It can cause muscles to feel sore after a hard workout. It can also reduce fat by up to 19%. Vanquish ME can reduce fat up to 59% without having to touch the skin. It’s painless and will not cause tenderness.


SculpSure is a harness that uses laser fat to remove patients’ body fat. Some patients report feeling a warmth or tingling sensation. The device will not cause any skin damage. Sessions with SculpSure usually last between 25-30 minutes. They may take longer depending on the treatment area.

One session can result in a reduction of up to 24% body fat. Most patients will require more than one session. The effects of treatment are long-lasting and require no downtime. Vanquish VM delivers greater fat loss results up to 59%. You can treat the entire area simultaneously.


Kybella can eliminate submental fullness. Submental fullness refers to the excess fat below the jawline and chin, which forms a “double-chin”. Although Kybella ME and Vanquish ME serve different purposes, they can both be combined to help patients lose fat around the midsection and submental areas.

Kybella is an injectable treatment that uses a naturally occurring acid to stimulate the metabolism of submental fat. In just four to six weeks, patients can expect to see the results.


Synergie, also called an Aesthetic massage device, treats cellulite in noninvasive and nonsurgical methods. This system removes liquid buildup which can cause cellulite. Synergie uses a combination massage and vacuum suction in order to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage.

The treatment is done twice weekly and takes eight to sixteen sessions. Vanquish ME can help patients shed up to 4inches of fat. Vanquish ME doesn’t require skin contact and can treat large areas in one treatment.

Preparing: Vanquish ME

Patients will be seen by a doctor before they are allowed to proceed with Vanquish ME. This is in order to ensure that the best possible treatment is provided. Patients are advised to eat light meals and keep hydrated throughout the treatment. Patients should limit their intake to ten 8-ounce glasses daily. Avoid any activity that can cause dehydration. Before treatment, patients should reduce alcohol intake.

Vanquish ME Recovery

After Vanquish ME, patients experience no downtime. Patients can resume work or follow their normal routines with no interruptions. The treated area can turn pink or red from heat for several hours. Patients should stay hydrated for several days. However, no changes should be made in their daily routines.

When can I see the Results?

Sessions with Vanquish ME take approximately 30 minutes and can be used to treat large areas of your body. Patients will see improvements within two weeks. The body will naturally shed the fat. Patients will need multiple sessions to achieve the desired results. Patients will need four sessions in order to achieve the best results. Two weeks after the last session, patients will receive their final results. Each session is divided by one week.

Is Vanquish ME Permanent?

Vanquish ME is an effective and long-lasting fat loss treatment. This treatment can reduce fat by as much as 59% in the area targeted. The body will eventually eliminate the fat as waste. But, fat can still grow in places that haven’t been treated. A healthy lifestyle can bring long-lasting results. Only fat can be stored in areas that have not been treated.

Gaining Weight After Vanquish ME

After Vanquish ME body shaping, patients will no longer need to go in for touch-ups. Patients who lose weight after treatment will notice a decrease in fat growth, although other areas may still be affected. Patients should lead a healthy lifestyle to prolong the benefits of treatment. Additional treatments may be required in certain areas.

Is Vanquish ME Safe?

Vanquish ME has been FDA approved for safe fat reduction. The harness will not touch the patient’s skin. Surgery is not required. Patients will not be required to remain overnight or receive anesthesia. Patients feel minimal redness and can return to their normal lives quickly. Vanquish ME can heat fat cells to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

It only heats the skin and surrounding tissues to 101 degrees. The skin will not be scarred or otherwise damaged.

What is Body Contouring Not Meant For?

Vanquish ME can help you lose weight. The treatment should be avoided by patients with metal implants or women who are pregnant, nursing, or have a history of heart disease.

Is Vanquish ME Expensive?

Vanquish ME costs depend on the number of sessions required. For price information, contact Allure Enhancement Center. Most insurance policies do not cover body sculpting because it is a non-covered procedure. For more information about the benefits of your plan, contact your insurance provider.

Are You Ready to Experience Body Contouring in the Future?

If you think body sculpting with Vanquish ME may be right for you, visit Allure Enhancement Centre Lafayette, LA. Vanquish ME can be used to reduce fat in patients with a BMI greater than 30. Vanquish ME is more effective than hand-held devices for body shaping and takes less time.