Why choose Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), Eastern Europe?

EMS can be used to reduce the time and cost of manufacturing electronic devices. Even more, savings can be made by outsourcing production to countries that have lower labor costs. This is why Asia and China remained the top EMS providers for a long period, despite the recent growth and disruptions to transportation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has made Eastern Europe a market leader.

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Favorable financial conditions

The governments of Eastern European countries have set out to reduce the gap between their citizens’ income and those of Western Europe. 

However, this is not yet the end of the road. Even after a 19% rise in wages for Romanians their income still remains at one-fourth that of the average Western European citizen. This simple fact gives OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) who use EMS in East Europe an advantage over those who use local production.

The countries in this region of Europe can ship goods, components, and materials quickly and economically due to their geographical location, the EU market that is duty-free, and smart supply chain management solutions.

Reliable partners in production and logistics

There are always risks associated with outsourcing. However, you can reduce these risks by selecting a trusted companion.

First, Eastern Europe has a rich history in electronics manufacturing using state-of-the-art technology. Its countries are able to successfully use foreign investment and EU sponsorships for their business development.

Second, Eastern Europe is well-known for its accessibility and high level of education that annually produces highly qualified specialists in electronic manufacturing.

Finally, EMS providers from Eastern Europe that specialize in different industries have successfully implemented ISO standards. Assel, a Polish ISO 13485-certified EMS provider, has a solid reputation for being a reliable and consistent contract manufacturer of medical equipment.

Poland – Leading EMS provider in Eastern and Central Europe

Poland is a leader in Eastern and Central Europe’s economy. It is the only market that has developed in this region of the globe. Because of its geography and infrastructure, it supports land, air, and water transport modes. This allows OEMs flexibility in logistics. The effective management of Polish EMS providers enabled them to leverage EU financial support for businesses and foreign investment to modernize their facilities.


The safe transfer of electronic production overseas can bring a significant economic advantage, without compromising on the quality of the goods. Eastern Europe, and particularly Poland, offer modern infrastructure and well-trained personnel, as well as smooth logistics and compliance with quality regulations. This allows for competitive prices. Learn more about Polish EMS at asselems.com.